Why Binance App Not In App Store

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Binance, Kraken, Mexc, and Kucoin have disappeared from Apple’s App Store in India, impacting up to eight digital currency trading platforms. This action follows the accusation that these companies were operating “illegally” in the country less than two weeks ago by the Ministry of Finance. It seems that Apple’s move could be a response to the Indian government’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies, resulting in regulatory uncertainty and restrictions.

What Led to the Removal?

Apple’s decision to remove these exchanges from the App Store in India raises questions about the legality and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency trading in the country. The Ministry of Finance’s accusation of illegal operations may have prompted Apple to take action in order to comply with local laws and regulations.

India has been facing significant regulatory challenges in the cryptocurrency space recently. The government has expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with digital currencies and their impact on the financial ecosystem. This has led to increased scrutiny and stricter regulations, causing several exchanges to face disruptions in their operations.

The Impact on Traders

The removal of these exchanges from the App Store has a direct impact on cryptocurrency traders in India. It limits their access to these platforms and creates inconvenience for those who rely on mobile devices for trading. This sudden disappearance also raises concerns about the future of cryptocurrency trading in the country and the level of government control over the industry.

Traders who were using these exchanges will now have to explore alternative options or resort to trading on desktop platforms. This could potentially lead to a decrease in trading volumes and liquidity in the Indian market, affecting the overall trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Trading in India

The actions taken by the Indian government and Apple’s removal of these exchanges from the App Store indicate a challenging environment for cryptocurrency trading in India. The regulatory uncertainty and restrictions imposed make it difficult to predict the future of the industry in the country.

However, it is important to note that the Indian government has also shown interest in exploring the potential benefits of blockchain technology. They have considered the possibility of launching a digital rupee, the country’s official currency, which could pave the way for a more regulated and controlled cryptocurrency market.


The removal of Binance, Kraken, Mexc, and Kucoin from the Apple App Store in India reflects the ongoing regulatory challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry in the country. It highlights the need for clearer regulations and guidelines to ensure the growth and development of a secure and reliable digital currency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency traders in India will have to adapt to these changes and explore alternative platforms for their trading needs. While the current situation may seem uncertain, it also presents an opportunity for the government to establish a regulatory framework that fosters innovation and protects investors.

As the Indian government continues to address the challenges and concerns surrounding cryptocurrency trading, it remains to be seen how the industry will evolve in the country.