How to Use Waist Beads For Weight Loss – Modern Natured

In this article, we will be discussing the best ways to lose weight wearing waist beads that are comfortable and stylish to your taste. We will be covering the following topics:

  • The best waist beads for weight loss
  • Do waist beads help you lose weight?
  • Which waist beads work for weight loss?

how to use waist beads

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The best waist beads for weight loss

Many African women wear waist beads because it’s part of their culture. However, they also use it for weight loss. Check out our previous blog to learn more about waist beads. There are many questions regarding waist beads and weight loss: What color waist beads are for weight loss? Waist beads for weight loss? Etc. The biggest question in my experience is: Do waist beads make you lose weight?

Honestly, waist beads do not make you magically lose weight once you put them on, sorry! However, you wear it to keep track of your weight loss, and your waist will look snatched while you’re at it. That beats the scale, in my opinion!

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Do waist beads help you lose weight?

Numerous African women from various West African cultures wear waist beads to manage their weight. No worries if you have no idea how to tie and/or wear waist beads for weight loss. Just follow the following easy steps, and you will know how to wear the waist beads for weight loss! When you put on your waist bead, you just adjust the waist bead to your waist size. First, you take the thread, and you tie it above your navel. Then, move the beads to have enough room to tie, cut the thread, and tie 3 to 4 knots. Because the waist beads sit higher on your waist.

You will notice if you lose weight because If they drop down, you lose the weight since waist beads don’t stretch. Waist beads also roll higher on your waist when you gain weight. All the waist beads on the Modern Natured website are Traditional tie Ghanaian waist beads.

This means that the waist bead is pretty permanent, so they last for a long time. You can wear them while showering, bathing, swimming, you name it!

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Which waist beads for weight loss?

Everyone can wear waist beads! You can look cute in your Ghanian waist beads at any size and wear them for weight management purposes. The best waist beads for weight loss are the ones you like and feel beautiful and confident in. However, if you are solely focused on the weight gauging benefit of waist beads, I recommend wearing waist beads with small beads ( like the orange one in the image above). They feel better when worn above the belly.

I’m so excited to pick new ones to wear and start tracking. At the moment, I am wearing my waist beads around my hips. Because I have a sweet tooth, I need to get a couple more to wear above my belly to gauge and manage my weight even more.

Are you also getting waist beads? You can shop the collection here.

Here are also the best waist beads to wear in 2022.

Let me know! xoxo

Edwina Love Joy