Trulicity For Weight Loss Reviews

Trulicity For Weight Loss Reviews
Trulicity For Weight Loss Reviews


Hey there, beauties! Chad here, and I’m super excited to share my journey on Trulicity with you. As some of you may know, I recently switched from Mount Jarrow to Trulicity for my weight loss journey. It’s been a week since I started, and let me tell you, it’s been quite a ride. Today, I’ll be giving you an update on my first week on Trulicity and sharing my honest thoughts. So, buckle up and let’s dive in!

The Initial Shot

Last Sunday was the big day when I took my first shot of Trulicity. The next day, I noticed that my blood sugars were slightly higher than usual. Now, they weren’t as bad as they’ve been before, but there was definitely a noticeable increase. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have to be honest with you – Trulicity hasn’t been working as well for me as Mount Jarrow did. My blood sugar levels even peaked to the 300s, which is something I rarely experienced with Mount Jarrow.

Appetite Suppression and Weight

On the bright side, I have noticed that my appetite is still somewhat suppressed. I’m not sure if this is due to the remnants of Mount Jarrow leaving my system or if it’s a result of my eating habits over the past nine months. Either way, I’m grateful for the continued appetite suppression. However, I have to confess that my weight hasn’t changed much. In fact, I think I might be gaining a little. I need to double-check the scale, though.

Not So Bueno Blood Sugars

Unfortunately, the most significant concern I have is the effect on my blood sugars. Trulicity just hasn’t been cutting it for me. Although it’s definitely helping to some extent, it’s not as effective as Mount Jarrow. We already expected this, though, since the combination of GLP-1 and GIP in Jarrow had a double effect. Trulicity simply can’t beat that. But hey, I’m not giving up hope just yet. Let’s see how things progress!

What’s Next?

Tonight, I’ll be taking another shot of Trulicity. I won’t be meeting with my endocrinologist for a couple more months to discuss the results and get my A1C checked. Only then will we know if Trulicity is a success or if I’ll have to try something else. Who knows, maybe my insurance company will have a change of heart and cover Mount Jarrow after all. Fingers crossed!


So, there you have it, my lovelies – my first week on Trulicity. It hasn’t been the smoothest ride, but I’m staying positive. I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown me, and it means the world to me. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my channel. I’ve got lots of informative and exciting videos coming up, and I’d love to have you onboard. Remember, hitting the like button and subscribing costs you nothing but means the world to me! Stay tuned for more updates on my Trulicity journey, and until then, take care and stay fabulous! Bye for now!

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