‘The Idol’ Star Lily-Rose Depp Deals with Public Scrutiny over Weight Loss

Lily-Rose Depp, a talented French-American actress, and model born on May 27, 1999, has emerged as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her remarkable talent has earned her nominations for César Awards, specifically in the category of Most Promising Actress, for her outstanding portrayals in The Dancer and A Faithful Man. Beyond her acting prowess, she has been a Chanel brand ambassador since 2015.

However, despite her undeniable beauty and talent, Depp has been subjected to intense public scrutiny, particularly concerning her physical appearance. Critics have targeted her weight loss, unleashing a wave of negativity aimed at her body.

In the face of this unjust criticism, she has confronted the issue head-on, shedding light on the valid reasons behind her weight loss. In a candid revelation, she expressed that her transformation was not a conscious choice but a consequence of her struggling with underlying health problems that have plagued her since a young age.

Fortunately, throughout the challenging journey of dealing with public scrutiny, she has found solace in the unwavering support of her father, the renowned actor Johnny Depp. Despite the barrage of criticism aimed at his daughter, he has stood firmly by her side, offering her unconditional love and support.

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Lily-Rose Depp was shamed by fans online for her weight loss

Depp’s struggle with online shaming and criticism regarding her weight loss has been a recurring issue throughout her career. In 2016, while attending prom as a high school student, she was at the center of unwanted attention.

Photos of her enjoying the event and seemingly carefree were shared on Instagram and later featured in People magazine. However, instead of celebrating her joyous occasion, online commenters seized the opportunity to shame her for her appearance.

Readers of the magazine left derogatory comments, accusing her of weight issues and making hurtful remarks about her physical appearance. The incident at prom was not the only instance where she faced such unwarranted criticism.

In October 2019, as a 20-year-old, she was spotted in New York, looking happy and thriving while picking up fast food, and she did not provide any opportunities for critics to judge. She seemed content and comfortable in her skin.

But after many years, on January 27, 2023, a Twitter fan page reposted one of her Instagram Story images, and a new wave of criticism ensued. In the photo, she had her eyes closed, her hair was tousled, and a portion of her upper body was visible, revealing the slight visibility of her ribcage.

Some followers seized this opportunity to comment negatively on her appearance, deeming her “too thin” and expressing concern for her well-being. Despite public figures like Depp achieving success and displaying confidence in their skin, they remain vulnerable to the harsh scrutiny of online communities.

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Lily-Rose Depp revealed she was anorexic as a teen

Having lived her life in the public eye from a young age, Depp chose to open up about her battle with anorexia nervosa during her teenage years.

She became a target for unsolicited and cruel comments about her body, primarily through social media platforms, due to her eating disorder. Despite her love for sharing beautiful snapshots on her Instagram page, she faced criticism from followers who accused her of being too thin.

Lily-Rose Depp attended the prom in 2016 while she was struggling with weight loss.

Lily-Rose Depp attended the prom in 2016 while she was struggling with weight loss (Source: Instagram)

The hurtful remarks about her physical appearance deeply affected her as she shared her experiences with French Elle magazine. In her interview, she candidly discussed her difficulties while struggling with anorexia.

She acknowledged that her battle with the eating disorder began at a young age and described how challenging it was to overcome and return to normalcy. However, she expressed her pride in progressing and emerging from those difficult times.

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Lily-Rose Depp faced life-threatening health issues as a child

A harrowing experience with life-threatening health issues marked Depp’s childhood. At the tender age of seven, she contracted an E. coli infection from food poisoning, severely affecting her well-being.

The infection led to kidney failure, requiring her hospitalization for a daunting nine-day period. The severity of her condition prompted her father to prioritize her well-being over his work commitment.

Lily Rose Depp has a close relationship with her father Jonny Depp.

Lily-Rose Depp has a close relationship with her father, Jonny Depp (Source: PEOPLE)

In an interview, he candidly expressed his daughter’s illness’s profound impact on him. He revealed that the experience was far beyond a mere “dark moment” and defied description with words. The support he received from Tim Burton and the film crew, who paused production until his return, left a lasting impression on Depp during those trying times.

Thankfully, she fully recovered from her illness, bringing relief and joy to her family. Inspired by his daughter’s experience, he volunteered at children’s hospitals, donning the persona of his iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow.