Magical Leek Soup

a bowl of leek soup with sauteed leeks as a garnish
Magical Leek Soup

Magical Leek Soup is a delicious and healthy soup made with leeks. Were you intrigued when watching the last season of “Emily in Paris” on Netflix? What is this Magical Leek Soup that Sylvie talks about? Is this a real thing?

Magical Leek Soup is not a new trend but a generations old weight management trick from French women. Leeks, of the onion family, are very good for you and also are a known diuretic.

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Leek Soup Diet

Author Mireille Guiliano in her book “French Women don’t get fat” writes about a weekend leek diet, or cleanse. She makes her magical leek soup and then eats the boiled leeks exclusively to “regain equilibrium”. Really, I do think that “Emily in Paris” should have quoted Mme Guiliano when referencing the soup – she put it on the map!

I first read Mme Guiliano’s book when I was living in France in my twenties and I used this technique several times over the years – it has come in handy! I admit I had forgotten about Magical Leek Soup until Emily in Paris reminded me. Now, 2 children and 10 years later it may be time to start eating more leeks…

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Emily in Paris Magical Leek Soup

The original Magical Leek Soup is made with nothing but leeks and water. The recipe is super simple:

  1. Clean and chop 5 leeks.

2. Cover with water in a soup pot.

3. Simmer for 30 minutes.

4. Strain the broth to sip throughout the day (this is the magical leek soup!) and reserve the leeks to eat as a meal.

Definitely diet food. Delicious diet food, but diet food nonetheless. Hardly a dish I could serve to my husband or kids!

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leeks on a table with potatoes and star anis seed
Magical Leek Soup Ingredients

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Le Chef’s Wife Magical Leek Soup

Very similar to the original Magical Leek Soup but with the addition of potatoes. The potatoes make all the difference!

Add a few potatoes to the recipe and you will have a soup that is filling, creamy in texture and oh so satisfying while keeping all the wonderful benefits of the leeks. My Magical Leek Soup does not feel like diet food, it feels like comfort food. Much closer in taste and consistency to Vichyssoise Soup (a French Bistro classic) but without the cream, butter or chicken stock. Plus, my French Chef husband loves it too. Alors!

The addition of one star anise seed is a French Chef trick that adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the soup. A delicious tanginess that elevates the dish.

Did you know that Vichyssoise was apparently Julia Child’s favorite soup? Another reason why I feel connected to Julia Child. You can read about my recent tour of her Georgetown row house here.

Leeks chopped up in a soup pot
The leeks can be left in big pieces – the soup will be blended once it is cooked

FAQS about Leeks

Magical Leek Soup in a bowl with chopped leeks on top.
Magical Leek Soup

Soup Sunday Challenge

Magical Leek Soup is the first recipe of the 8 week Soup Sunday Challenge. The goal is to eat better, one pot of homemade soup per week at a time. One small change that can have an impact on how you, and your family, eat. The ultimate French woman healthy eating trick.

Come and make soup with me! What soup are you cooking this weekend?

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Magical Leek Soup

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