List of Catfish stars who died and their causes of death

Have you ever been catfished? Sure, everyone loathes finding themselves in such a challenging situation. Still, it is hard to know whether the person on the other side is genuine when taking part in online dating. Unfortunately, the malicious behaviour is so common that MTV created a reality television series based on the narrative. Catfish tackles the mysteries and complexities of dating in a digital world. However, the show has been marred with several tragedies whereby cast members have passed away in different circumstances. So, who is the most recent reality TV star to join the list of Catfish stars who died?

Catfish stars who died
“Catfish” hosts Nev Schulman (L) and Kamie Crawford. Photo: mtv.comSource: UGC

Imagine this. You meet a person in an online chat room, and a relationship blossoms for several years. Then, you start noticing lies somewhere but cannot put a finger on what exactly is going on.

Such is the premise of catfishing, which the MTV show Catfish has depicted quite well. This way, the audience has connected with some of the cast, whom they would like to know more about past the reality TV show. Unfortunately, some are no more. So, who has died from Catfish?

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A list of catfish stars who died

Grief hits hard whenever tragedy strikes, leading to death. Such has happened to several Catfish stars whom people connected with considering the reality TV show’s interesting plot touching on the cast’s personal lives. So, who died from Catfish?

1. Ashley Sawyer

Catfish stars who died
“Catfish” Ashley Sawyer, who died in May 2016. Photo: mtv.comSource: UGC

Ashley Sawyer death shocked numerous people. She died in May 2016 in Hoover, Alabama, according to the Jefferson County Coroner’s office. Ashley was only 23 years old at the time of her death.

Even though an official cause of death has not been reported yet, authorities suspect she perished from a drug overdose. Lieutenant Charles McDonald of the Hoover Police Department responded to a 911 call shortly after midnight. When the police arrived at the scene, Ashley was down, and bystanders were performing CPR.

Unfortunately, even after numerous attempts to revive her and emergency personnel using Narcan, an antidote to treat narcotic overdose, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Lieutenant McDonald told PEOPLE that a possible drug overdose resulted in her death.

Ashley Sawyer appeared on a 2013 episode of the reality TV show after reaching out to hosts Nev Shulman and Max Joseph about meeting her online dating companion Michael Fortunato face-to-face. After meeting, they realized that they were catfishing each other. However, they later had a great connection that planned to meet once again.

MTV gave a touching tribute to Ashley Sawyer after her death.

Also, Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph tweeted their condolence messages, sharing images of Ashley and Fortunato from the reality TV show. Nev stated in his tweet:

Joseph stated:

2. Michael Fortunato

“Catfish” star, Michael Fortunato who passed away in 2013 at age 26. Photo: mtv.comSource: UGC

Michael Fortunato, who people know by his second name or as Mike, passed away in 2013 at 26. He appeared on the September 3, 2013, episode, Ashley and Mike. In the episode, Ashley finds out that Mike had been lying about her appearance.

During the episode, they found out that they had been catfishing each other with fake photos for seven years. Both were overweight and insecure about their appearance. Ashley sent images of herself when she was slimmer, while Mike sent pictures of a different person.

What was Mike’s cause of death? Michael died of a pulmonary embolism related to a deep vein thrombosis. The condition is caused by a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. It mostly happens because of blood clots from the lungs from deep veins in the legs or sometimes from other parts of the body (deep thrombosis).

On the tragic day of his death, Mike had texted Ashley, informing her he was thinking about going to the hospital but had changed his mind. According to Mike’s sister, he took the car, leaving his Connecticut home for the hospital, but lost control of the vehicle and hit a fence. The paramedics transported him to the hospital for treatment, where he later died.

Ashley paid tribute to him with the following sweet words:

Nev also tweeted:

3. Robert Brian Clark

Catfish stars who died
“Catfish” star, Robert Brian Clark who died in a motorcycle accident in 2013. Photo: mtv.comSource: UGC

Did you know that Robert from Catfish died in a motorcycle accident? He is a marine that appeared on an episode of Catfish back in 2013. Unfortunately, he died at 33 in 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Robert Brian was driving a 2011 black Yamaha FZGR when he became airborne while crossing a set of railroad tracks. He was ejected from the motorcycle before it landed on its side. Brian was then hit by a passing car on the highway. The accident happened around 5:00 pm, and Robert was pronounced dead at the scene.

What episode did Robert Brian Clark appear in Catfish? The marine appeared in season 2 in 2013. He was featured on the show because of Jesse Bettinger, who reached out to the reality TV show’s host Nev Schulman and Max Joseph.

After meeting one another, they realized that everything they shared was legitimate and immediately started a relationship. However, despite the intense attraction, they decided not to pursue their relationship in real life, as revealed in an August 2013 catch-up special.

Robert Brian Clark had post-traumatic stress disorder. After his death, Bettinger posted a touching message on Facebook.

Robert Brian Clark also got a brief tribute on one of the reality TV show’s episodes that aired in the US on March 22, 2017. A memorial card appeared on the screen, giving a special tribute to the star. The show’s production team also shared a touching message on their Twitter page stating that their hearts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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Did Max from Catfish die?

Max Joseph, who was a former host of Catfish, is not dead. The tweet announcing his departure from the show was misunderstood, thanks to Nev Schulman’s wording. Nev was the first to announce Max departure from the show in a tweet.

Of course, by the way, the tweet sounds, it could come across that he was dead, and fans were not okay with the statement, flooding his timeline with questions. Fortunately, he noticed that his wording was a bit misleading and had posted another tweet clarifying that he was not dead but leaving the show.

The MTV reality TV show carried on well without his presence, starting with a rotating panel of guests. Later, Kamie Crawford was officially named Catfish co-host.

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What happened to Taylor from Catfish?

Is Taylor from Catfish dead? Taylor, who appeared on season 7 of Catfish, had the craziest storyline. However, viewers were quickly stuck in the back when they realized she was not genuine. Instead, she only wanted to expand her social media presence. So, what happened to Taylor after her stint?

She has an Instagram account but doesn’t have any posts alluding that she was on MTV’s Catfish. Also, she has less than 10,000 followers showing that her plan to become an influencer did not work. It is unclear what she does for a living or whether she is still pursuing her social media influencer objective.

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What happened to Mhissy’s baby?

Fans were stunned in the revenge Catfish episode when it came out that Jasmine was tricked into believing that she had been talking to Mike for two years. Instead, she was having a conversation with someone she had met earlier, Mhissy. She wanted to steer her away from a man they were both talking to.

In a heart-to-heart conversation, Mhissy revealed to the crew that she got pregnant at fifteen years old and lost her baby. Mhissy from Catfish baby died on April 8, 2010.

What happened to Matt on Catfish?

Is it true that Matt from Catfish died? Matt was talking to Kim for more than ten years and had never met in person. When they physically met, they realized that they were genuine about each other, and Matt was shy because of his weight.

Today, he is still friends with Kim, and both are dating other people. Also, Matt has lost more than 300 pounds.

Has Jesus from Catfish lost weight?

Jesus’ online dating story was one of the most memorable. However, his weight was also something the audience noticed. So, is the Jesus from Catfish weight loss story true? Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about him after he left the show.

Catfish is a fantastic reality television show that touches on people’s lives deeply involved in online dating. The show has featured numerous guests, some creating solid memories. That is why the list of Catfish stars who died is quite tragic as people got a touch of their lives.

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