How to Transfer Funds from Binance to Bank Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Imagine waking up to find your crypto investments have skyrocketed. You’re ready to cash out and treat yourself to something nice. But how do you actually get those digital assets back into your bank account?

Transferring funds from your Binance account to your bank is a straightforward process, but navigating the world of crypto transactions can feel like learning a new language. This guide will provide a clear, step-by-step walkthrough of how to transfer funds from Binance to your bank account, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Understanding the Basics: Binance and Fiat Withdrawals

Before diving into the steps, let’s clarify what we mean by “transferring funds.” When you buy cryptocurrency on Binance, you’re essentially holding digital assets. To spend this money in the “real world,” you need to convert it back into fiat currency (like USD, EUR, etc.) and transfer it to your bank account.

Binance makes this process easy by providing a user-friendly platform and multiple withdrawal options.

Step-by-Step Guide: Withdrawing Funds from Binance

Here’s a detailed guide on how to withdraw your funds:

1. Complete Identity Verification

To comply with financial regulations, Binance requires users to complete a verification process (KYC/AML) before withdrawing funds. This typically involves providing a government-issued ID and a selfie.

2. Navigate to the “Fiat and Spot” Wallet

Once logged into your Binance account, hover over “Wallet” and select “Fiat and Spot” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to your main wallet, where you can manage your crypto and fiat balances.

3. Choose “Withdraw”

On the “Fiat and Spot” page, locate and click the “Withdraw” button. This will open a new page with withdrawal options.

4. Select the Currency and Withdrawal Method

Now you’ll choose how you want to withdraw your funds:

  • Bank Transfer: If you prefer sending the funds directly to your bank account, select this option. You’ll then choose the specific fiat currency you wish to withdraw (e.g., USD, EUR, GBP).
  • Credit/Debit Card: Binance might also offer the option to withdraw to a linked credit or debit card, though availability can vary by region.

5. Provide Bank Account Details

Binance will prompt you to enter your bank account information. Double-check that you input the correct:

  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • Swift code (for international transfers)
  • IBAN (if applicable)

Accuracy is crucial to avoid any delays or complications.

6. Enter the Withdrawal Amount

Specify the amount of fiat currency you want to withdraw. Pay attention to any withdrawal fees or limits Binance may have in place.

7. Review and Confirm

Before finalizing the transaction, carefully review all the provided details: withdrawal amount, currency, and bank account information. Once you’re satisfied, confirm the withdrawal.

8. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Binance takes security seriously. You’ll likely need to provide a 2FA code generated by your authentication app (like Google Authenticator) to authorize the withdrawal.

9. Wait for Processing

Binance will process your withdrawal request. The time it takes for the funds to reach your bank account can vary depending on your bank and the withdrawal method (usually 1-5 business days).

Tips for a Smooth Withdrawal Experience

  • Double-Check Your Bank Account Details: Ensure the information you enter is accurate to avoid any processing issues.
  • Factor in Fees: Binance may charge withdrawal fees, which can vary depending on the currency and withdrawal method. Check their fee schedule beforehand.
  • Withdrawal Limits: Be aware of any daily or monthly withdrawal limits set by Binance.
  • Keep Transaction Records: Save all transaction confirmations and IDs for your records.
  • Contact Customer Support: Don’t hesitate to reach out to Binance’s customer support team if you encounter any problems or have questions.


Transferring your hard-earned crypto profits from Binance to your bank account is a crucial step in realizing your investment goals. By following this guide and understanding the process, you can withdraw your funds confidently and securely. Always remember to prioritize security by keeping your account credentials safe and enabling two-factor authentication. Happy trading!