The 7 ways that kombucha can help you lose weight

One of the questions that we have answered most times since we started to make and sell Mun Kombucha in 2015 is whether this fermented tea can help with weight loss. Regular consumption of kombucha can be an ally to lose weight. As described in the study published in 2000 by researchers Dufresne & Farnworth, this ancient drink reduces obesity and regulates hunger.

Incorporating kombucha into your daily life is a very easy task because you only have to follow one rule: serve it when you feel like it. Fasting, you will enhance its probiotic effects. With meals, its ability to help with digestion. If you want to know how and when it is best to drink kombucha, we will tell you about it in this article.

beneficios kombucha para adelgazar

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Benefits of drinking kombucha to lose weight

These are the 7 bullets by which kombucha can be an ideal companion in the weight loss process.

1. Let’s start with meridian evidence. If your microbiota improves, it will cost you less work to lose weight. Improving your intestinal flora has to be your goal if you want to reduce those kilos and centimeters that you want to lose sight of. It is very important to have the second brain, that is, the intestinal system, in shape to achieve the goal. Make the digestions well, be more regular when going to the bathroom. If the bacteria that inhabit your intestines are healthy, you will process nutrients better and filter waste more efficiently. Kombucha has natural probiotics and if you drink it constantly throughout the day, this contribution will rebalance the bacteria that live in your digestive system.

2. Improve your digestions. Drink kombucha before a meal and you will feel less bloated and experience less heartburn. Wow, and this makes it a drink? You are right. Kombucha is brimming with enzymes that are helpful in breaking down food in the digestive tract making it easier to absorb. On the other hand, naturally present organic acids protect against intruders such as parasites, among others. Kombucha will also help improve the pH of our digestive system.

3. Kombucha will be by your side when you have a sugar craving. Its flavor, eminently sweet, but also vinegary and acidic, will leave you satisfied when the desire to have something sweet appears in your head. The good news is that Mun Kombucha, our brand, hardly contains any sugar. The lowest amount of kombucha made using the traditional method and without pasteurizing that you can find on the market! All our varieties contain less than 1.8 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters. So, when you drink a sip of Mun Premium Kombutxa, you will hardly be ingesting sugars. The organic acids and tannins that kombucha naturally contains will also help you out. You will want the high that that little glass of kombucha gives you more than that of a soft drink, we assure you.

4. A coffee? A beer? A glass of wine? No, a kombucha please! You already have a different option to start the day, to accompany your aperitif, to accompany your lunch or dinner, to drink in the afternoon, before or after exercising, to share with friends… As we have already said, it also contains tannins and a little caffeine. It tastes different from anything you’ve ever tried before, but we assure you it’s tremendously addictive. When you taste its bubbles and how good it feels, there will be no turning back.

5. Stick with this figure: 8 times less sugar than a conventional soft drink and infinitely healthier than a soft drink with artificial sweeteners. Isn’t that great information? Make the refill and introduce some kombucha into your daily routine. You’ll continue to pour yourself bubbles (they occur spontaneously during fermentation) and fill up on healthy nutrients instead of empty calories. You will cut calories, yes, but above all you will gain health, for sure.

6. That flash of energy you need comes with kombucha. No, it doesn’t have much sugar. No, it has hardly any caffeine. But every glass you drink gives you a spark. A spark that, while reducing your stress and nervous disorders and insomnia, will make you face your day to day in a very good mood. Improve your metabolism, responsible for having hormones ready that, among others, control blood sugar or the feeling of being full; It controls body fat or detoxification of the body and balances the thyroid, stimulates the glandular systems, reduces blood pressure, improves the immune system, detoxifies the blood, helps in liver detoxification, increases iron absorption. How can you not be an improved you?

7. Okay, tea hardly contains any fiber. But you can improve the intake of this if this tea is fermented, that is, if it has been converted into kombucha. And it is that, as you have probably noticed if you have ever drunk our Mun Kombucha, there is usually a substance floating in the bottle. This substance is the famous SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) or mother of kombucha. It is made up of layers and layers of cellulose and, without realizing it, you are consuming it with each sip. It is an insoluble fiber that, within your digestive system, will eliminate undigested waste and other harmful chemicals. This fiber will also help you control blood sugar levels.

Do not think twice. You will find Mun Premium Kombutxa in 10 different ultra-delicious, ultra-healthy, ultra-different and ultra-addictive flavors. You will love meeting her!

If you want to take full advantage of the benefits of drinking kombucha to lose weight, take into account the sugar level of the kombucha that you are going to drink. MUN PREMIUM KOMBUTXA has the lowest sugar levels of any unpasteurized kombucha made in Europe. This is our ranking:

Values per 100 mlENERGYCARBOHIDRATES SUGARFATPROTEINSALTKombutxa Hibiscus 1 kcal0.21 g0.09 g<0.10 g0.70 g<0.01 gPaleobirra Lemon2 kcal0.19 g0.16 g0.10 g0.21 g0.03 gPaleobirra2 kcal0.20 g0.20 g<0.10 g0.20 g0.03 gKombutxa Verbena8 kcal<0.50 g<0.50 g<0.10 g<0.30 g0.01 gKombutxa Flowers8 kcal<0.50 g<0.50 g<0.10 g<0.30 g0.01 gKombutxa Green3 kcal0.80 g<0.50 g<0.10 g<0.30 g0.01 gIsotonic4 kcal0.90 g0.61 g<0.10 g0.20 g0.28 gNojito6 kcal1.40 g1.20 g<0.50 g<0.50 g0.011 gKombutxa Ginger6 kcal1.60 g1.60 g<0.10 g<0.30 g0.01 gKombutxa Natural8 kcal1.82 g1.80 g<0.10 g0.06 g<0.01 g