Binance Api Vb Net

Are you looking to connect with the Binance public API using VB.Net? Look no further! Introducing Binance API VB.Net, a lightweight library specifically designed to serve as a connector between your VB.Net application and the Binance public API. With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, this library makes it easy for beginners and seasoned developers alike to access a wide range of Binance API endpoints.

Features and Benefits

Supported APIs

  • With Binance API VB.Net, you can access various APIs, including:
    • /api/*
    • /sapi/*
    • Spot WebSocket Market Stream
    • Spot User Data Stream
    • Spot WebSocket API

Test Cases and Examples

  • The library comes with a comprehensive set of test cases and examples to help you get started quickly.

Customizable Parameters

  • Binance API VB.Net allows you to customize the base URL, request timeout, and HTTP proxy based on your specific requirements.

Response Metadata

  • Access response metadata seamlessly with the library’s built-in functionality.

How to Use

Getting started with Binance API VB.Net is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Install the library via NuGet by searching for Binance.Spot.
  2. Explore the Examples folder to discover various endpoints and their usage.

Websocket API Examples

Binance API VB.Net also provides websocket API examples, making it easier for developers to integrate real-time data streaming into their applications. Find these examples in the Examples folder.

Enhanced Security and Authentication

For API endpoints that require a signature, Binance API VB.Net introduces new authentication interfaces to generate the required signature. It offers improved security and ensures seamless communication with the Binance server. For more details, refer to the example in the AccountInformation_Example file, specifically the /api/v3/account endpoint.

Robust WebSocket Server Connectivity

The Binance API VB.Net library ensures a robust connection with the Binance websocket server. It automatically handles ping-pong responses, maintaining a stable connection. Stay connected without worrying about timeouts or server disruptions.

Testnet for Safely Experimenting

To test out various /api/* endpoints, Spot Websocket Stream, and WebSocket API, Binance API VB.Net provides a dedicated testnet called Spot Testnet. It allows you to experiment and validate your integration without making any actual trades or affecting your live environment.

Alternate URLs for Performance Optimization

For optimal performance, Binance offers alternative URLs in case of any performance-related issues. While the library defaults to, you can consider using the following alternative URLs:


For Websocket Stream, the default baseUrl is set to wss://, while for Websocket API, it is set to wss://

Additional Parameters for Signature-Required Endpoints

When working with signature-required endpoints, Binance API VB.Net offers an additional parameter called recvWindow. It controls the maximum time allowed for a response to be received. By default, it is set to 5000 milliseconds. Ensure that the value is lower than 60000 milliseconds to avoid any error responses from the Binance server.

Exception Handling

The library distinguishes between two types of exceptions:

  1. Binance.Common.BinanceClientException – Thrown when the server returns a 4XX error code, indicating an issue from the client-side. Properties include:

    • Code – Server’s error code, e.g., -1102.
    • Message – Server’s error message, e.g., Unknown order sent.
  2. Binance.Common.BinanceServerException – Thrown when the server returns a 5XX error code, indicating an issue from the server-side.

Both exceptions inherit from Binance.Common.BinanceHttpException and provide additional properties, such as StatusCode and Headers.

Logging Configuration

Binance API VB.Net supports the .NET logging API, allowing you to configure logging with a variety of built-in and third-party logging providers. Refer to Microsoft’s logging article for detailed information on configuring logging in .NET.

Future Plans and Contributions

As an open-source project, Binance API VB.Net welcomes contributions from the community. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please open an issue in the project repository. For any API-related issues, visit the Binance Developer Community for assistance.

Get started with Binance API VB.Net today and unlock the full potential of the Binance public API. Happy coding!

Binance API VB.Net