Binance 2fa Code Error

Are you encountering a “2FA code error” message when you enter your Google Authentication code on Binance? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some solutions you can try:

Synchronize your devices’ time

To ensure that your Google Authenticator app and computer are in sync, make sure the time on your mobile phone and computer are accurate.

Use incognito mode on Google Chrome

Try accessing the Binance TH Login page using the incognito mode on Google Chrome. This can help resolve any cache or cookie-related issues.

Clear browser cache and cookies

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can also help eliminate any conflicts that may be causing the 2FA code error. Give it a try and see if it solves the problem.

Log in from the Binance TH App

If the issue persists, consider logging in from the Binance TH App instead of the website. Sometimes, using the app can bypass any temporary glitches.

If none of the above suggestions resolve the problem, we recommend disabling and re-enabling your Google Authenticator. For detailed instructions, check out our guide on how to disable Google Authenticator on Binance APP WEB.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot the 2FA code error and get back to using Binance hassle-free. Don’t let technical glitches hold you back from accessing your account and engaging in secure transactions.

Remember, if you ever need further assistance, our support team is available to help you through any challenges you may encounter. Happy trading on Binance!