Anya Taylor-Joy’s Weight Loss And Transformation: Secrets Revealed

Anya Taylor-Joy’s weight loss has become a hot topic on social media, generating a buzz among her fans. Anya is known for her role as Gina in the popular BBC series Peaky Blinders. She also gained significant attention as Beth Harmon in the critically acclaimed Netflix miniseries – The Queen’s Gambit. Fans were intrigued by her physical transformation for the role of Beth Harmon, as she was urged to lose weight.

Many speculate that her recent slim figure is in preparation for her upcoming role as Furiosa, which will be released in late 2024. Scroll down to know more about her physical transformation.

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Who Is Anya Taylor-Joy?

Anya Taylor-Joy is a popular British-American actress known for her versatility. She made a name for herself with the 2015 horror film The Witch. She also appeared in the popular crime drama Peaky Blinders and played the lead role of Emma Woodhouse in the period drama Emma. However, it was her portrayal of chess prodigy Beth Harmon in the Netflix miniseries The Queen’s Gambit that truly brought her widespread acclaim.

For her outstanding work, she has received prestigious awards like the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, along with nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award and BAFTA Film Award.

Quick Profile Check

Full Name: Anya Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy

Date of Birth: April 16, 1996

Age in 2023: 27

Place of Birth: Florida, U.S.

Occupation: Actress

Anya Taylor-Joy Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Anya Taylor-Joy Weight:121 pounds (55 kg)

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s Weight Loss Journey

The Witch actress has always stayed slim and fit. In a candid interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, she even shared that she experienced bullying during her school years due to her thin appearance. The talented actress also expressed gratitude to her parents for teaching her how to overcome such challenges.

While many people admire Anya’s new appearance, there are still some concerns among her fans. Some believe her recent weight loss might be due to an eating disorder or other health issues. Despite rumors, it’s important to note that Anya Taylor-Joy’s anorexia or any other reported eating disorders are not true. Unfortunately, some Twitter users used her photos to promote eating disorders, which is quite distressing.

However, the actress mentioned experiencing burnout during the filming of The Queen’s Gambit. She also revealed that she used to suffer from panic attacks. Although she is now in a better place, she hasn’t openly discussed her recent transformation or weight loss journey.

In recent photos, her well-defined abs indicate her good physical fitness. It’s possible that her transformation is a result of a healthy diet and regular exercise at the gym. Let’s further explore the potential diet and exercise strategies that may have contributed to Anya Taylor Joy’s weight loss and fitness journey.

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Anya Taylor-Joy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Anya Taylor Joy hasn’t shared many details about her diet or transformation. However, it’s a known fact that she has been a vegan since childhood. She chose to be vegan because she thinks it’s the most eco-friendly choice out there. In an interview, she spilled the beans that being a vegan gave her tons of energy and made her feel like the healthiest version of herself. Apparently, she’s a veggie lover with a huge appetite. For years, she was all about those low-carb and healthy foods to keep her slender frame intact.

Vegan Diet And Weight Loss

Anya Taylor Joy’s diet was mostly plant-based. Additionally, vegans often have lower body weight and BMI compared to non-vegans (1). This could be one reason why more people are adopting vegan diets for weight loss purposes. Numerous scientific studies have shown that vegan diets are more effective for weight loss than calorie-restricted diets (2). This is because the higher intake of dietary fiber in vegan diets may naturally lead to consuming fewer calories and feeling fuller (3).

Apple Cider Vinegar

In an interview with Elle, she admitted to keeping apple cider vinegar in her fridge. Many scientific studies also suggest that vinegar can actually help with weight loss. Researchers have found that when people have apple cider vinegar with a meal that includes solid foods, they tend to feel less hungry and snack less (4). This can be really helpful when trying to shed some pounds.

Because of her busy schedule, she might have made some adjustments to her diet. It could be tough for her to stick to a vegan diet, so she has recently started eating meat as well. Generally, she eats takeaway for breakfast and lunch because she gets to work early. Even then, she tries to eat healthily by choosing lunch boxes with salmon or salad. However, she occasionally indulges in burgers and pizza.

Anya Taylor-Joy Workout Routine

Anya Taylor Joy’s weight loss journey has been smooth and healthy. She now looks more energetic and strong than before. She used a casual approach to personal weight loss rather than making intentional, and challenging attempts. Being physically active and enjoying the process was key for her.

In an interview, she talked about how she really missed feeling strong and fit. So now, she’s getting back into dancing and kickboxing to get that strength back. She even tried Pilates reformer class and loved it, and thus she’s trying to add more exercise to her routine. She knows that in her line of work, she needs to be strong. Also, taking care of yourself is crucial if you want to succeed in films. Here are some of the physical activities Anya incorporated into her routine:

Anya’s Dance Workouts

Anya has a long-standing relationship with dancing, particularly ballet. She even mentioned that she loves to restart her hip-hop and ballet dance classes. Ballet improves coordination, tones the body, and also boosts confidence (5), (6).

She also participates in hip-hop dance classes, which help her focus on the present moment and enhance her overall workout routine. It also helps in increased muscle resistance and stamina. Dancing is also a great way to engage the mind as well as the entire body.

Pilates Reformer

Reformer Pilates is a cool combo of traditional Pilates exercises done on a special machine. The machine features a flat platform that slides back and forth, and exercises are performed laying, kneeling, sitting, or standing on it. The Reformer bed helps you keep your neck and head safe, as well as aligns your shoulders. The spring platform features an adjustable foot bar that can be used to engage and strengthen both the legs and upper body.

The Pilates reformer is all about strengthening your core and using the right muscles to lose weight (7). It may ease back pain, and help you recover from injuries faster (8). The best part is, it also helps improve your posture and alignment, making you look more toned and even taller (9).


Anya includes walking in her workouts to burn calories, develop lean muscles, and improve cardiovascular health (10), (11). She mentioned that during the lockdown, there were days when she would simply put on her shoes in the morning and go for a walk. Her longest walk lasted around eight or nine hours. She has a fondness for walking to various places and finds it to be a unique experience.

Walking at a steady pace helps her mind solve problems and understand her emotions about certain matters. Walking is not only a great way to get moving but also a proven method to boost creativity. It’s a simple and effective solution for increasing both physical activity and the flow of ideas (12). She also takes an interest in other outdoor activities like biking.


Kickboxing is another activity that Anya enjoys for weight loss. It is an intense workout that targets her entire body muscles. It contributes to her overall fitness and helps her achieve her body goals.

Kickboxing is an aerobic workout that can aid in weight loss by burning calories. According to research, both professional and recreational kickboxers had lower body fat percentages and more muscular mass (13). Thus it is a great fun workout for overall fitness.

It is a mental exercise as well. Kickboxing helps you feel more confident, relieves tension, and keeps your mind on the task at hand. In kickboxing, hand-eye coordination is essential. You’ll be constantly on the go, doing a complicated dance while kicking and punching your way to a whole new you. Additionally, it enhances your coordination and balance (13).

Other Changes to Taylor-Joy’s Appearance

Apart from weight loss, Anya Taylor-Joy’s appearance has undergone noticeable changes. This leads to speculation about possible surgical interventions. Throughout her life, Anya has had insecurities about her appearance. Due to the bullying, she endured in the past, she often feels self-conscious about her appearance and considers herself to be ‘weird-looking.’ This may have influenced her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, although she has never confirmed it.

Fans speculate that she may have had procedures like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, brow lift, and buccal fat reduction.


Her face now appears sharper with less facial fat, sparking rumors of a bichectomy. A bichectomy or ‘Hollywood cheek’ procedure is the removal of buccal cheek fat. Although it is a straightforward cosmetic procedure, there is a risk of complications such as facial infections, swelling, and facial paralysis (14).

This gives more prominent cheekbones, a defined jaw, and a thinner, more sculpted appearance. It transformed Anya Taylor Joy’s cheeks, and facial contours and has given her a more sophisticated look, even visible from a profile view.

Brow Lift

Anya’s refined appearance also suggests a possible brow lift, complementing her wide eyes. It is a surgical method used in cosmetics to lift a sagging eyebrow and to get rid of frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Notably, she has also mastered her makeup technique, sporting fuller and well-shaped eyebrows.


Furthermore, her excessive lid space compared to her previous look indicates a potential blepharoplasty. It is a surgical rejuvenating procedure that may be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids.

It smoothes under eye muscles, eliminates excess fat from the eyelids, and tightens the supporting structures. It may also involve repositioning fat, and treating the skin or hollow areas around the eyes. Very rarely it leads to edema and persistent dark circles (15).


Followers have also noticed changes in her nose, possibly due to rhinoplasty. It is regarded as one of the most challenging grafting procedures in plastic surgery (16). For Anya, the tip of her nose may have been trimmed and shaped. Additionally, a previous small bump on her nose appears to have disappeared.

It’s uncertain whether she underwent all these surgeries. It may also be due to Anya Taylor’s weight loss, her improved makeup techniques, or simply the process of aging. These changes are likely influenced by time and enhancements, which undoubtedly contribute to her improved appearance.


Anya Taylor-Joy’s weight loss goals were easily achieved by incorporating enjoyable activities like dancing, walking, and kickboxing. Additionally, Anya emphasizes the importance of staying active in her daily life. Though her busy schedule itself feels like a workout, she tries to remain as active as possible during shoots, and effectively burned those extra calories. Along with that, she follows a healthy diet and enjoys eating low-carb foods. While there have been speculations about possible surgical interventions and changes in her appearance, Anya remains focused on taking care of herself and being strong both physically and mentally.